The perfect beach “cover-up”



I am going to the sea-side soon and I assume some of you too, well, where it’s summer I suppose!

I started thinking a while ago, about my “beach attire”. Last year I wasn’t prepared and ended up buying there and wearing, a horrible white dress (over my bikini), which made me look fat, unkept, old-fashioned, etc. etc.


So, this year, since I will go to the same place and I know I will have to walk back and forth to the hotel/beach a few times a day, I have decided to plan ahead and look much more sophisticated/glamorous/cool !!!!

These are my conclusions:

I am going to wear one of my husband’s discarded white shirts, shorts and slides. I already have a bag from last year, I have sunglasses and swimming wear.

White man's shirt + shorts + slides

Aziza Azim

Aziza Azim

I remember seeing this picture, which was the source of my inspiration, quite a long time ago:


Now, the shirt is blue, I prefer white, looks more “seaside”, the shorts are denim, which I like, of course the shoes are really not suitable for the beach, hence the slides, much more comfortable too! (swollen feet anyone?!)




What’s your “beach attire” ?