Zara dresses

Today, I think I am going to start one of a few posts about summer dresses. It’s hot, very hot. What can one wear when is this hot? Only a dress will do. And anyway, when one is hot and bothered, one would at least like to have something comfy on… I love the feel of a long dress, air (if available) “freely circulating” inside it, no need to keep lady-like positions all the time, no need of having perfectly “cultivated” legs, no need for heels, and the list could go on and on!

I want to start with Zara. Trendy, fun, inexpensive dresses, for women with little to invest or who want more than one dress. My only doubt about them is the fabric composition. For most of them it is not shown, that makes me think about synthetic… I don’t like synthetic…(which, by the way, would keep you warm!)

Let’s start with the floral print, which I find really quite interesting this year…

next two gorgeous oriental looking dresses (I love the black one especially)

I also think these feminine ones are lovely

Of course simple ones are always very useful and easy to wear, although with the next one you do need to have rather a good-looking body…

Zara Striped multicloured dress with pleats

Zara Striped multicoloured dress

and of course one has to have at least one black dress ( love the left one’s neckline)

last, some long sleeves, which I suppose are for colder climates only, or evening perhaps? I had to show them as they are really quite cute…