Lace-up sandals

I give up! I am writing a post about the lace-up sandals. You see, I don’t really like to go too much with the flow…I guess I like to think of myself as somebody who will go her own way, as in not embrace a trend just because is trendy. Which is true, to some extent anyway. But, as there always is one, the fact is, if something is trendy, sometimes, one can get used to it and eventually like it (or get used to it!). This is actually not the case with the lace-up sandals. I liked this trend straight away. I have been fighting it though ever since. I know very well why: I often refuse to be part of the crowd, I want to be different!!

But this time I have decided to give up and embrace this trend, even though EVERYBODY will be walking around in lace-up sandals this summer!!!

Here we are:

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I would love to have the Tibi and the burgundy H&M ones, I love those two styles but especially the colours. Black really is too seen…

The best thing about this style of sandals? They go with absolutely EVERYTHING!