Here I am with another site, WEEKDAY, Scandinavian based again, I think, or anyway north Europe. They do affordable, clean, trendy clothes and accessories. Quite excited about this!!!


I must say there is something I don’t like about their site though, not one item is worn by a model, making it a little difficult to tell what it is like on. There is a description but I don’t think that’s enough. Fortunately, like most sites do now, you can return the items purchased with a small fee. I am not sure about the quality, prices tend to be rather low but I assume, looking at the fabric composition, that it’s ok, not wonderful, but acceptable. So, here we are:

Nice clean cuts, “boring colours”!! and trendy enough without being over the top. That’s my style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( If anybody already buys  or were to buy in the near future, would you let me know how the quality is? I wish I could try everything myself but I can’t.)