Spring wrap-jackets

What kind of jacket do you wear for the Spring? The leather jacket is always nice, although I keep on trying to put it on in the morning and every time I also take it off. I think I have used it too much in the last few years and I am now fed up with it. I also tried with the denim one, but I failed to keep that one on too. I guess I still like my trench-coat but only for rainy days…

So, what shall I wear? Well, I think I have perhaps found “the one”, the wrap-jacket. Otherwise called belted jacket, cape, kimono jacket, etc.

Madewell kimono swing jacket

Madewell kimono swing jacket

It looks feminine but a little sporty at the same time, it looks chic enough to wear it with elegant clothes but also with jeans. There’s also the coat, which is of course a little more elegant..

Here we are entering expensive territory, but they are suede after all:

A bit less expensive but still leather

Than there are the more affordable jackets

Finally two coats, one bordering “wedding style” so be careful what you match it with!!!

Actually, there’s one more, which is way too light weight to be for the Spring but I had to show it to you because of the belt (see my post about Altuzarra and you will know why).

077 Linen Blazer beige

077 Linen Blazer beige