If you can only buy….

Lace-up flats with joggers
If you can only buy one item, make it a pair of shoes. Shoes make or break a look. Shoes update a look. Different kind of shoes make your look, look (!!) different. Ok, that’s enough…

This is my latest craving, I must have a pair of lace-up ballerinas. MUST. Anyway, these are extremely expensive……. I really can’t afford them.



Would prefer suede ones actually,

Jeffrey Campbell Atrium Suede Flat - Blue

Jeffrey Campbell Atrium Suede Flat – Blue










but I don’t seem to find them in Europe and don’t want to go to all the trouble of ordering them from the USA and anyway, the price is still a bit steep for my pockets!

I have tried very hard to find something similar on the internet but haven’t been successful. I am going to try the shops, you know, those ones you need to get up from the sofa to go to….

Meanwhile, I have had a look at what’s available as far as pointy ballerinas go and have found rather a few interesting ones. I think spring is going to be all about this style of shoe.

Here we are: