Mainly rose gold jewellery


I used to have a ring in rose gold, perhaps I still do but I am not sure where.I am usually a very tidy person! It had become too small unfortunately. It belonged to my Grandmother. I think I was told, people didn’t have enough money to have yellow gold, so they added copper, hence the colour of it. Not that yellow gold is pure either but is perhaps more expensive anyway. I am not actually sure.


It really doesn’t matter, all I wanted to say is, I really like rose gold, I always have, and, it appears to be fashionable at the moment! Which is handy!! I have not paid much attention to jewellery in the last few years. I used to wear lots of rings, earrings, etc. But I haven’t for a long time. I guess I felt there were always the same things around and I kind of got bored.

Recently, well last year in fact, I went to Florence, and walking around that beautiful city, I saw several nice jewellers and started thinking about it again. I saw unusual pieces, mainly vintage ones. Here’s two names by the way:

Maurizio Mori Via de Guicciardini 59/r Firenze

He makes his own jewellery, there is a site but the shop is just soooo much better!


Vecchio Lotto Via Dello Studio 13 R Firenze

Both contemporary and vintage pieces

(They had some gorgeous things….some of them affordable!)

Something has changed in the last few years and I hadn’t noticed. There are certainly many more ideas, earrings have gone all over women’s ears, you don’t just wear earrings on your lobes, you wear them just about anywhere on your ear now!

You have for example, cuffs, which range from tiny ones, to some that cover most of the outside border of your ear ( I don’t actually like those much).

Ear cuffs

Of course you can have lots of small ones all along your ear, it is a bit painful to get it done up at the top where there’s cartilage, but if you like it, it’s worth the pain ( I have written a post earlier this year about these)



Lately I have seen several models on magazines wearing only one large earring. But since I don’t like “over the top” things, here are some which I find nice worn on their own:

There seems to be also a trend for slightly different ones for each ear. You can do that of course with what you already have:

I still like very much the lobe earrings which have a pearl at the front and one at the back.

Bijoux Coquette @ Boticca - large-reversible-black-white-pearl-earring

Bijoux Coquette @ Boticca – large-reversible-black-white-pearl-earring

If you want to stick to the classic two earrings, there are some small adorable ones in rose gold:

RINGS: well, rings have gone even further! I am quite taken by these really long? wide? not sure how to define them. They are extraordinary!!!! I am in love.

Yoola Rose gold wire crochet band ring

Yoola Rose gold wire crochet band ring

& Other Stories jewellery

& Other Stories jewellery

I was going to talk about rose gold…. I got carried away I am afraid, as I often do when speaking about something I like.

Here’s also a necklace in rose gold, which is terribly cute:

Lee Renee Toy Monkey Necklace Rose Gold

Lee Renee Toy Monkey Necklace Rose Gold

And a watch, I LOVE THIS WATCH!!








I can’t afford real jewellery and I am not sure I would spend that sort of money anyway, I like changing too often. I wouldn’t recognise real gold from gold plated, so, why bother?! I have always thought accessories are important, therefore jewellery is too.

One last pair of earrings, just fun ones: