& Other Stories

& Other Stories is a fairly new line which belongs to the H&M group. It is supposed to be high end but I am not sure I would quite call it that, the prices being ok, obviously from MY POINT OF VIEW! I have finally taken a look at the on-line shop ( the only italian store is in Milan!).

Now, this is what I like:

UNDERWEAR looks nice with interesting colours
TOPS in general look different and the fabrics seem to be quite good (that means natural fabrics to me, but, since I have not seen the real thing I don’t know whether the clothes actually last or keep their shape!). I was looking for a line which had nice tops, less severe and simple looking than its “sister” COS, but still quite simple. I think this might be the answer.
DRESSES are nice too.

Not sure about the rest. I have grouped it in 3 categories:

Boring and cheap: handbags, accessories, jewellery.
Too weird for my taste: shoes
Too tight or too short and generally not very nice: skirts and trousers.
This is the address if you want to have a look: