The weather isn’t very nice yet and anyway, even when it’s hot one might need a scarf because it’s a little windy or for the evening chill……or just because they look great and can sometime make an outfit look amazing.  I feel it is very important the fabric should be good, silk, linen, cotton, just not synthetic really

Whatever the excuse,  here are some plain  ones

a few more

some classic ones

and finally a couple of fun ones. E.


2 thoughts on “SCARVES

  1. Just the suggestion I need right now, thanks! next time can you tell us also how to wrap them properly?

    • Very happy it was useful, not sure I can actually explaine how to wrap them though!
      The only advise I can give in writing is not to make the scarf look like you spent any time trying to make look perfect, better messy than the opposite!
      Good luck!

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